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"Healthy food that nourishes the body can also delight the taste buds." – Founder, Lynn Bello.

Our story began 20 years ago with our founder, Lynn Bello's dream to own an organic tea shop. Over time Lynn's passion for educating those around her about organic tea expanded to organic food and coffee. As a result, her dream grew from owning an organic tea shop to an organic café. In 2019 she decided it was time to open The Mindful Café.

The Mindful Café aims to empower and inspire the local community to invest in their bodies by embracing organic, clean food. For too long, eating "clean" has had a negative connotation. We aim to prove that eating clean does not mean eating bland by creating dishes with innovative flavors using the best locally sourced, organic ingredients. At heart, The Mindful Café's mission is simple; when your body feels healthy, your mind will follow.

We are proud to offer a way to experience organic, clean food with immense flavor. From expertly brewed coffee to homemade baked goods, The Mindful Café is an organic culinary destination within Ramsey, NJ's vibrant culinary scene.

Our Team