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Chef Smita Clark

Executive Chef

Chef Smita Clark graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health & Culinary Arts, where she learned to prepare organic, wholesome, and nutritious cuisine.

Chef Clark's unique approach to the culinary arts stems from her ability to master the improvisational art of cooking while sustaining a detailed approach to recreating an original recipe to perfection. Combining these two skills truly sets Chef Clark apart as a master chef and has made her a coveted teacher amongst her peers and beginners alike.

Chef Clark has worked in several local and seasonal kitchens and catered numerous respected private parties and events, both pre and post-graduation. She always makes an unforgettable impression with her warm demeanor and enchanting food.

Chef Clark takes pride in bringing people and communities together through her love of cooking and is thrilled to bring healthy, nutritious meals to the community of Ramsey, NJ, at The Mindful Cafe.