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Eco-Friendly Self-Care Gift Set: Clay Mask & Bowl


Brand: Chaun Skincare

Chaun Skincare’s designed the ultimate selfcare set featuring their signature Bentonite clay mask and a mini clay mixing bowl with a mini bamboo spoon perfect for mixing and applying your mask.

About Bentonite Clay: Throughout the ages, different cultures have used bentonite clay to help expel toxins from the body. Older cultures took their cue from the animal kingdom where many animals instinctivly turn to eating dirt and clay to cleanse their system during times of illness or distress. More recently, healing clays have gained popularity for skin detoxification. Bentonite clay in particular, consists of aged volcanic ash also known as “Montmorillonite.” Bentonite is considered a healing clay, as it has a high concentration of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and silica. Furthermore, Bentonite clay works to relieve the body of toxins, heavy metals, impurities and chemicals.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, Sensitive

Skincare Concerns: Uneven texture, excess oil/sebum production, shiny skin, dryness, tightness, peeling or flaking, sensitivity to conventional skincare products

Made in United States of America

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