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Winning Tip of the Week

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The Mindful Cafe x Arootah

Courage isn’t a lack of fear. Courage is being afraid...and doing it anyway!



5 tips for an abundance mindset

1. Stay positive - Believe that anything is possible and the sky is the limit.

2. Help others - This strengthens the community and helps everyone excel.

3. Show gratitude - Celebrate the abundance you already have in your life.

4. Be generous - The more you give, the more you open yourself to receiving.

5. Be open - Don't limit yourself by only focusing on one outcome or opportunity.

a person flying through the air on a cloudy day


Utilize your time well

"Time is what we want most, but...what we use worst."
- William Penn

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5 signs you may be dehydrated

1. Rough or flaky skin - Skin loses moisture through sweating or dry air.

2. Bad breath - Dehydration reduces saliva, giving bacteria a chance to grow. 

3. Low blood pressure - Lack of water can drop blood volume and pressure. 

4. Mood swings - Dehydration can negatively impact brain function. 

5. Sugar cravings - Lack of water makes it hard for the body to release glycogen, so it craves sugar for energy.



Discipline yourself on a detox 

Do you want to improve your overall health and wellbeing? Consider trying a detox this spring! Detoxes can be as simple or as complicated as you want. 


Challenge yourself with different detox methods such as sipping some fresh beet juice to detox the liver and lower blood pressure or using an infrared sauna to sweat out toxins!⁠ 


Check out our Instagram post for different spring detox strategies to try now! 

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Focus on goals for spring/summer

Are you struggling with your goals? Use the seasons as natural breaks to focus your energy on accomplishing goals in an 8-10 week timeframe, rather than an entire year, which can be daunting.


Read our full article for ideas on setting seasonal goals for spring and summer!

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Remote Work

5 tips to be a better remote leader

1. Prioritize mental health - Make sure employee benefits are fit for remote work.

2. Update technology - Stay up-to-date on new advances that could benefit business.

3. Don't overcompensate for distance - Trust your employees, don't micromanage.

4. Stay social - Keep open lines of communication and show availability.

5. Organize remote group activities - This encourages team bonding!

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