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Free Online Fitness Classes

The Mindful Cafe has partnered with Arootah to offer free online fitness classes. The best part, all you need is your body and a mat!

Arootah has invited only the highest quality instructors to teach at their online fitness studio, making previously super-exclusive classes accessible to all. 

See the classes being offered below!

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All-level vinyasa in flow style, syncing body and mind with breath.

Master balance and activate every muscle for full-body toning.

By Mackenzie Kear


30 minutes.

Pilates Yoga Fusion

All-level class combining Pilates precision and yoga flow.

Prevent injury and maintain agility with challenging, graceful movement.

By Colleen Breeckner


30 minutes.

Barre Yoga

All-level blend of yoga and barre class to enhance strength and balance.

Enjoy rejuvenating toning focused on smaller muscle groups.

By Alana Rose


30 minutes.

Body Weight HIIT

Body weight high intensity interval training

All-level HIIT to challenge strength and cardio explosiveness.

Maximize every minute with bodyweight exercises and timed rest.

By Rich Jarer


30 minutes.

Meditation & Breakthwork

All-level meditation class using breath and mindfulness.

Exercise the mind through singled-pointed focus to experience mental tranquility.

By Mackenzie Kear


30 minutes.