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Arootah is a rising peak performance leader at the intersection of finance, technology and wellness on a mission to empower consumers, executives, and businesses to raise their standards to achieve their highest impact goals.

Arootah, founded by Hedge Fund Executive and Wall Street Coach Rich Bello, is the leading organization applying Hedge Fund practices to any business, professional objective, or life goal. After 25 years of training, mentoring, and coaching teams in the financial sector, Rich has observed high-achieving employees’ behaviors and actions that lead to incredible business results. Rich has a unique approach to high achievement while mitigating risk. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior manager, or seeking high growth opportunities, Arootah can be your guide to get you there.

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Career Coaching

Make your career the gift you offer to the world and create immense value for others. In return, you will receive financial success. Balancing human psychology, lifestyle needs, and business acumen, Arootah's coaches can provide you with expert guidance and teach you how to take the necessary steps to find a fulfilling and lucrative career.

During your career coaching session, Arootah will help you:

• Do what you love

• Provide value to others

• Be paid well for it

Executive Coaching

Keep your business agile with advice from one of Arootah’s experts. Your Arootah coach will work with you to steer your business towards success and keep you ahead of the game. Consultants at Arootah deliver solutions and incite action rather than simply identifying problems. Thus, will provide your business the competitive edge it needs to survive and prosper.

During your executive coaching session, Arootah will help you:

• Discover your leadership style and whether it is helping or hindering your employees

• Become a better communicator, both inside and outside of the workplace

• Understand motivation and how it applies to your employees and the results you seek

• Develop more effective ways to provide meaningful feedback to your employees

• Manage and resolve conflicts more effectively

Life Fulfillment Coaching

Be proactive in acting for yourself instead of being acted upon by external circumstances. Progress is propelled by the power of transformation. Together with Arootah you will understand where yourlife, your relationships, and/or your career stand today then Arootah will assist you in transforming your tomorrow.

During your life fulfillment coaching session, Arootah will help you:

• Map out the future you desire while being fully present in today

• Determine the results you want based on realistic timelines

• Clarify your most important goals with a step-by-step process to achieve them

• Establish an accountability plan that motivates, encourages, and guides

• Overcome limiting beliefs that always seem to stand in your way